About Our Services!
 * Pre & Post Relocation Service
- disconnection, inventory and proper preparation of PCs at desktop and other office equipment prior to relocation. Our service includes reconnection in a similar configuration and boot-up of the equipment at your new location, to ensure the equipment is in proper working condition.

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 * Mobile Computer Cleaning
- we offer an excellent cleaning service to give your existing PCs and other desktop technology a fresher, newer look. Our service is preformed during down periods such as weeknights or weekends. Your office personnel will come back to work the next day believing they have been provided with new equipment. And, just think about the health benefits our cleaning service can do for you and those in your office!

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Advance planning meetings are included with our service!
Invest back into your organization!
canadaunplugged.com provides professional service to organizations that do not have expertise in-house or are unable to utilize their in-house people. By engaging the services of canadaunplugged.com, you will save time and money, which can be reinvested in other areas.
 We are a solution provider!
canadaunplugged.com is offered as a service to public and private sector organizations that are upgrading or relocating their office technology at desktop. We are a solution provider and partner, assisting our clients through periods of growth and change, while allowing for minimal down-time and distraction.

We are fully insured & bonded!

We also offer IT Inventory Services
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